Quick Leads PRO Review

If you are involved in any type of freelancing, online marketing or local business marketing, you may have heard about Quick Leads PRO. Quick Leads is a powerful software application created by well known marketer Cory Ross. Quick Lead PRO reviews are quite popular right now as more and more people are seeing the value of this unique software. This Quick Leads PRO blog will provide you with an introduction to this exciting new business plan.

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Quick Leads PRO Cory Ross: What it Offers

If you do a search for Quick Leads PRO Cory Ross or Quick Leads PRO reviews, you’ll find that information about this software is being sought by many people right now. The reason for this is that Quick Leads fills a real gap in the marketplace.

Local businesses need a wide variety of services to help them gain more customers. They need a good website, copywriters, graphics designers, video marketers, reputation management specialists and more. Each business has unique needs, but it’s safe to say that everyone who has a store, offers a service or sells something via a website is looking for more customers. This is why there’s a great opportunity for marketers like you to provide these services.

The best thing about the Quick Leads PRO program is that it shows you how to profit from the needs of businesses even if you don’t want to provide any services yourself. In fact, you don’t need any skills to make money with this system! Corry Ross now only gives you valuable leads for businesses that need help, he also shows you how to find reasonable, high quality freelancers who will do the actual work.

The Quick Leads PRO program is easy to implement. Whether you have experience as a freelancer or local marketer or you’re completely new to this type of business, you only have to follow a few simple steps.

  • Target a certain type of business. This may be doctors, plumbers, mechanics, restaurant owners or any category of business you choose.
  • Load the software and find businesses and locations. You will not only get contact information, but a detailed analysis of what this business is likely to need. This may be a better website, help with SEO, social media campaigns or a variety of other services. You will also choose the location. You can target businesses in your own area or search further afield.
  • Contact the businesses using a set of professional templates. Since you’ve already targeted them based on genuine needs, you can expect a good number of replies.
  • Outsource the work. When you get orders, find a qualified freelancer who will do the job at a much lower price than you charge.
  • Pocket the profits and repeat as often as you want!

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Quick Leads PRO Cost

When considering any program, you naturally have to consider the cost. When considering Quick Leads PRO cost, however, you have to keep in mind that you’re not just buying a program, but a steady source of leads. There are several different plans which provide you with a different number of leads each month. The following is the Quick Leads PRO price for each plan.

  • 100 Leads per Month: one-time payment of $47.
  • 250 Leads per Month: one-time payment of $97.
  • 700 Leads per Month: one-time payment of $197.

You can choose the plan that fits best with your goals. Naturally, the more leads you have, the more income you can earn with this type of business. Remember that when you order the Quick Leads PRO download, you only have to pay once, but you are getting a lifetime license for the software. You will be getting constantly updated leads each month. The one time cost of the software, no matter which plan you choose, can easily pay for itself with one or two clients. This Quick LEADS PRO price, however, is an introductory offer that Corry Ross may withdraw at any time.

Quick Leads PRO Bonuses

There are several Quick Leads PRO bonuses that Corry Ross is offering along with the software.

  • Big 101 List of Resources. This is a concise summary of everything you need to start a successful freelancing business. It’s a handy guide you can consult as you get started.
  • Laser Wealth Locator. This Quick Leads PRO bonus gives you helpful tips on which businesses in which locations are optimal to target.
  • Email Templates. Simply fill in the specific details and send these email templates to prospective clients.
  • Quick Proposal and Contract Templates. Proposal templates are used after you’ve contacted a client who is interested in a service. A contract template is used when you’re ready to finalize the deal. This Quick Leads PRO bonus allows you to start off right away with professional looking contracts.

Quick Leads PRO – Why you should get on board

Quick Leads PRO is an innovative and efficient way to start your own business as a freelancer or local marketer. It’s ideal for complete beginners as well as people who are already in this type of business but who are struggling with the challenge of finding qualified leads.

When doing research for Quick Leads PRO, you have to consider whether this program is consistent with your goals. This is not a get rich quick scheme but a very complete actionable system for starting a profitable business. The Quick Leads PRO download gives you a steady source of leads and a comprehensive guide on how to use the leads.

Cory Ross has put together an extremely useful and low cost program. What makes the Quick Leads PRO program so valuable is that it’s really two things. It’s both a powerful lead generating software and an instructional manual on how to start and maintain a successful business. Leads are obviously an extremely important component of this type of business. Yet you also need to know how to contact businesses and how to actually deliver the services they need. Quick Leads PRO provides you with all this knowledge.

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